Blue Ridge violins has served the community for many years under the direction of Gene Freeman, bringing music into the homes of many local families. I am grateful for what he created and I would like to introduce myself as the new owner and director.

One of my first projects at Blue Ridge violins is to help our clients set up auto pay on their rentals. By now you have received a phone call and email from me detailing how to set up your auto pay. Simple review:

  • Fill out the short form below to set up your payments
  • Reference your email if you need the rental amount to fill in
  • Take 'remember to send check' off of your to-do list

If you don't enter your actual rental amount you will be billed $10 upon submission and the balance will be processed by our team.  You will be auto-billed your rental agreement amount on the day of sign-up each month. 

Honored to serve you from your locally owned and run violin shop,


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